Festivals & Fun for Kids & Family!

family-fun-berries-bryant-blueberry-farm-2Children enjoy picking berries

Kids love to pick our plump, juicy blueberries. The ripe berries come off the bush easily and it’s quick and satisfying to fill up a bucket. Other berries are available for picking when in season.

Farm Animals

Your children will enjoy watching our ducks, chickens and our two friendly goats Lily & Coco. They also may like to try to make friends with them by offering them a handful or two of feed. Come back and see how much Vernon and all of his friends have grown.




Family Fun & Festivals Bryant Blueberry Farm

Playground and wide open spaces

We have a great playground for your kids to enjoy. Our playground includes a Sandbox, Swing set, giant checkerboard, & fish for one our miniature ducks and an activity center. The activity center has building blocks, coloring books, reading books, playdough, a giant chalkboard and other activities to keep your kids busy while you pick.

We have a Giant Jumping Pillow… Only $5 to jump ALL day!!!



Family Picnics

You are welcome to bring lunch and enjoy the scenery from our picnic tables, or bring a blanket and sit on the grass. We offer drinks and snacks for purchase to supplement your picnic. Come have a special family day on our farm!


Family Fun & Festivals Bryant Blueberry Farm