Cleaning & Storing

Cleaning and Storing

Fresh Blueberries

Store berries in the refridgerator for up to five days. The natural wax on the berries helps keep them fresh, but will be removed when washed, so washing should be done just prior to eating. If your berries have some red on them, ripen on the counter, out of the sun, for up to 24 hours before refridgerating. They will ripen fully.

Freezing Berries

Berries can be stored at 20 degrees F for up to one year. Berries stored below 20 degrees will last up to several months longer.

Remove any loose stems and leaves, then rinse the berries. Cover a cookie sheet with a paper towel, then lay berries in a single layer on the paper towel until dry. Place in freezer bag and lay flat in freezer until frozen.

Blueberries may be frozen unwashed. Package in freezer-safe Ziploc bags. If you prefer, wash your berries before eating, after you remove them from the freezer.

Use the above freezing method for all berries, except raspberries and tayberries, which should be eaten fresh, or frozen without washing, as the berries are quite soft. Wash before eating, if desired.